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Change and update your directional signage quickly with Smart Wayfinding! All the signs that display directions, elevator and consulting room signs, etc. could be altered in a few clicks. You’d be able to add or modify all the information in your building via a Smart Wayfinding system.

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The entire signage and routing can be updated from one central, customizable system.


Digital signs saves you the costs that analogue signs would normally bring you.


With Smart Wayfinding, you automatically contribute to a better environment by saving on materials.

Up to date

Our Smart Signage Management System (SSMS) allows you to change your signage in one go.


Our Smart Signage software is easily connected to other information sources.


The functionality can be customized to fit your specific situation, demand, and need.

No growth commitments and hidden fees

Provide your customers with innovative, user and eco-friendly signage and increase your sales with no growth commitments or hidden fees!

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Change signs inside your building in a blink of an eye

You probably have a lot of static signs pointing directions in your building. However, who says that the static ones are the only available option? Moreover, the studies have confirmed that many brands realized their sales increased by 33% after adding wayfinding signage to their business. Why wouldn’t you be one of them?

33% sales increase
99% less energy
1 click sync

Smart signage is efficient, cost-effective and centralized. Electronic paper display is 99% more energy efficient than LCD or LED. With an extremely low power consumption, the battery life is up to 5 years.

The Smart Wayfinding system will ensure that you update all the sustainable and directional signage with just one click.

Smart wayfinding Digital Signage

Digital Wayfinding

Do you like the idea of turning your static signs into digital ones? We have worked hard to provide you with a solution that will meet the requirements of your business...

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Smart wayfinding Smart Signage

Smart software

The Smart Signage Management System (SSMS) provides you with a digital overview of where the wayfinding signs (screens) are located in your building...

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