Smart wayfinding digital signage

Digital Signage

Do you like the idea of turning your static signs into digital ones? We have worked hard to provide you with a solution that will meet the requirements of your business. Smart Wayfinding allows you to quickly update directional signage when changes occur with only one click, thus saving time and eliminating unnecessary costs.


Smart wayfinding Time

Changing the "analogue" signage is a time-consuming task that often doesn't bring the desired results. It can take up to two weeks to update the routes or change names. Instead of wasting time, you can use smart signage and implement all of the necessary changes within just a few seconds.


Smart wayfinding Cost

Designing, lettering, stickering, printing, installation, and regular maintenance of static signage brings additional costs, at least on a yearly basis. Digital signage allows you to quickly update all of your signs and avoid these costs. It can even increase your sales by 33%!


Smart wayfinding Sustainability

Smart Wayfinding is also a sustainable solution. Keeping the environment clean and safe is the duty of every business. If that seems like an important obligation to you, you can set up digital wayfinding in a more sustainable way with our E-Ink Solutions - their battery can last for a couple of months

Smart wayfinding Pocket signage

Pocket Size Signage

Even if a visitor is momentarily away from the signage or simply disoriented, there’s a solution. By scanning a QR-code, they can access directional signage on their smartphone and get the help they might need.


Smart wayfinding Beacons

If the signage is provided with Beacons, the location of the visitor is known to those on the indoor map. This way, it’s visible when the visitor arrives at the next Beacon, and orientation is highly improved. It is also possible to provide the visitor with all the relevant information during the route.


Smart wayfinding room booking

It is possible to make room booking a part of our signage system and manage it from a central point. This allows you to map which rooms are occupied and when, and to provide your guests with additional information through the digital signs, as well as link an action to the sign - for example, a button to call a receptionist.

Your own ideas

Smart wayfinding ideas

Here comes the main part. You obviously know best how you can provide your guests or visitors with high-quality service and ensure the most comfortable experience. That’s why we made sure the functionality of the Smart Wayfinding system can be customized to fit your specific situation, demand, and need.